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Last updated, 28 Nov 2013

Dear all,

We really hope that this website will become a platform to get information on CMS-related issues and for the CMS community to share and exchange thoughts, ideas and concerns.

CMS Youtube Channel

  • https://youtube.com/devicesupport
  • Rat race (aka Obey your master)
  • Business ethics of the street: Corporate sovereignty and the politics of disturbance (Carl Rhodes)
  • Group spirit, work transference and dissolution: Lacan as an organisational theorist (by Dany Nobus)
  • The function and field of speech and language in neoliberal education (by Ian Parker)
  • I can hear the British Isles singing (by Marek Korczynski)
  • A Design Envelope for Styles of Organizing? (by Gibson Burrell)
  • The Politics of Consumption in Ireland
  • The Dialectics of progress, Irish belatedness and the politics of prosperity (Kate Soper)