CMS Records

Last updated, 22 Aug 2014

This page provides links to downloadable sound files, film clips and podcasts, dealing with relevant CMS issues.

Listen or Watch on your PC or Download to your ipod, mp3 player for listening in the car, or while walking around...

Sound Files

Sound Files can be downloaded from a server. Some are from talks or lectures that we have recorded. You can save these to your computer and listen to them in your own time.

  • Under Ice, Radio Play about Management Consultancy, including interview with Richard Sennett
  • Prof. Stewart Clegg, University of Technology, Sydney, discusses Power in Organizations (kindly produced for Alternative Link
  • Slought Foundation's website features recordings of conversations about cultural intervention and the interaction between contemporary art and life.
  • Discourse Notebook A collection of theory seminars put together by Todd Kessselman at the New School for Social Research in NYC
  • Steve Fuller's Audio Lectures. Look out for 'Academics and Intellectuals: Same or Opposite?
  • UC Berkeley Audio Files: Michel Foucault, Margaret Mead, Noam Chomsky
  • Philosophy Audio discussions. Features shows on: Hegel, Feminism, Karl Marx and lots more.
  • Corporate Anthems: Ericsson's WAP rap and many more...
  • Doug Henwood's Radio Show on Economics and Politics

CMS Vision


Podcasts allow you to "subscribe" to a given audio feed. So, for example, if a favourite radio programme creates a podcast file of each show, you can set your PC to automatically download this audio file.

  • Hubert Dreyfus Lecture Series: Existentialism in Literature and Film. Lecture One begins with a history of existential thought.
  • The Philosophy Podcast: Discussion of classical and modern philosophy with a focus on Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra, Aristotle's Ethics, Machiavelli's The Prince, Kant's What Is Enlightenment, and others
  • Counter Hegemony: Podcast about Cultural, economic and political change. Includes radio archive interview with Rosa Parks (no.9), recordings of George Lakoff (no.s 12 and 13) and Germaine Greer (no.14)