International mailing list on degrowth

A new international mailing list on degrowth has been set up for anyone interested in the theme. 
To subscribe, send an e-mail to Then you can send any relevant announcements to The description of the list is available below. 
This list is for everyone to share announcements and news related to degrowth.
The idea is that we use this space to be updated on degrowth activities all over the world. Please join and send any relevant e-mails to the list.
A couple of words on degrowth:
Degrowth calls for the abolition of economic growth as a social and political objective and seeks new ways of understanding prosperity. It is an umbrella term for various social movements, ways of living and organising, and research.
Degrowth draws attention to ecological, economic and cultural limits of growth-based societies, via critiques of consumerism, development ideology and colonisation of modes of being. Popular terms such as ‘green economy’, ‘sustainable development’ or ‘ethical consumerism’, which are often presented as novel and more desirable forms of capitalism, are seen as problematic.Degrowth strives for an environmentally and socially just world, based on care, conviviality, mutual aid, commons and cooperation.