Notes & Discussions

Last updated, 24 Aug 2017

This section of the website is devoted to various CMS-related texts and notes.

These may be overviews of themes within CMS (e.g. resistance, university, psychoanalysis), book reviews, notes on texts or authors within CMS and beyond it.

We look forward to receiving your texts and ideas (

A non-manual of human resource management, or how to survive the ‘imaginary humanists’ / Un non manuale di human resource management. Ovvero come sopravvivere agli “umanisti immaginari” (by Nicoletta Masiero)

Alternative forms of business – some useful links

Alternative organization and alternative organizing (by George Cheney)

An interview about CMS (with Ekaterina Chertkovskaya, conducted by Seyyed Ehsan Golparvar for Forsat Emrooz, in Persian and English)

Child's play and corporate culture (by Carolyn Hunter)

CMS in Chile/Estudios Críticos de la Administración en Chile (by Juan Felipe Espinosa and Guillermo Rivera, in English and Spanish)

Note on critical theory in CMS [Appendix to M. Alvesson and H. Willmott, Making Sense of Management, 2nd edition, London: Sage, 2012]

Note on Louis-Ferdinand Céline (by Alexander Styhre)

Note on resistance in CMS (by Ozan Nadir Alakavuklar & Ulaş Çakar)